Simone Meets the Easter Bunny… Is Not Impressed

Simone didn’t love taking her Easter picture this year.  Maybe it’s because our local mall Easter Bunny is a giant, or because (as a friend pointed out) he’s a little terrifying looking. She was NOT sitting on his lap solo, so Dads jumped in and took the picture with her.  Lots of pastels and lots of camo.

Easter Bunny 2014


  1. Jennifer Flores says

    Love the Camo theme and it looks like you are the perfect parents because when you “gotta take one for the team” you didnt hesitate to “hop” right in and get that picture. Theres just something about the Easter Bunny that kids dont like, it could be because hes HUGE or because his outfit is horrific our mall bunny also needs a new outfit. Kids arent dumb they know fashion, well mine does. :-)

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